Act IV, "The Judgement Scene"

"AIDA" Act IV, Scene I

In 1871, Guiseppi Verdi gave a new work to the world that was soon to become synonymous with Grand Opera: "Aida." It was an instantaneous success, and remains so to this day! The first scene of the fourth act begins in a hall leading to the dreaded judgement chamber. Rhadames, who has recently led Pharoah's army to victory, stands before the princess Amneris branded a traitor. Amneris pleads with Rhadames to renounce his love for Aida. Rhadames refuses, and Amneris surrenders him to the high priests for judgement in the adjoining chamber. As she listens to the trial proceed, she realizes she has sent Rhadames to his death through her jealousy. In the distance the High Priest is heard pronouncing judgement on Rhadames, as Amneris collapses.

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